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We design delightful products by putting humans in the center of our design mindset.

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We build robust products with innovative approach that last long. So that your business can leap the next big thing without hesitation.

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Incase a new feature appears or something goes wrong, we’re always here to help you.

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Our Services


Recollec is a collaborative workspace for onboarding, training and upskilling your employees. Create wikis, paths, courses and place of truth for your company.  

Recollec help your team and managers to do 1-o-1 training meetings over and over again. Instead, it gives your teams to manage, assign and monitor all the trainings needed.


Jooseph is a content curation tool for course creators to share curated learning paths with their audience. So that they can learn new things without the clutter on the web!

You can find structured learning paths, share useful resources and accept paid subscriptions.


Hedef-in is an SAT prep platform which you can socially interact with your peers who wants the same collage, see your course between other candidates.

Hedef-In reached 70k users, and 1 million views in course of 1 year. It has been selected in trends at it's first week in both IOS & Android app markets.

Exe Panel

Exe panel is simple accounting software that automates your book keeping process.

You can track expenses, customize invoices, run reports, get & send automated reminders to both yourself and your customers.




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